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When You Coming Home? Here we are Don’t you start Eat my heart and take my smarts Oh Lord When you coming home? My oh my Don’t know why Never let you leave me Oh Lord When you coming home? Wait right here On your bed Blood on my hands and a gun in the shed Oh Lord When you coming home? Shoveling the dirt Put you to the earth I’ll never let you leave me again Oh Lord When you coming home?
S i n g To T h e M o o n I love the sound of the radio As it plays my favorite songs And the wind it does blow through my open home As all the gods they do roam And I saw you fighting with the wind And the shadows of the night So come in my sister and sit with me my friend We’ll sing, and we’ll drink to the fire These are the nights we sing, we sing to the moon Come sit with me sister we’ll cry to the fire on this cold dark night And we’ll drink and we’ll pray to the god of the day that he’ll come back soon I love the sound of your voice As you sing to the radio The old man has been on my back again Reminds me what I’ve become But the sight of you sitting here with me It stocks my heart. Oh sister you’re warming my aching bones With the way you sing out the dark I was so alone I forgot to believe These aching bones On my knees But you sang For me To the moon To be free
Distort The Truth It’s ok Distort the truth Everyone around me What to do I don’t mind Them little games Just as long as I keep my place Keep them coming Bring in my pills No direction Down that hill It’s in my mind Am I dead? Or am I just losing my head? For See Wait My hands are tied You Give Them It’s all inside So you close Up the cage Photographs Of my pain All of the struggles and all of the lies You need it for the printing You need it for the rise Sympathy With the schemes All of the vultures All of the dreams Give me them pills Take your fill What have you been turning me into to Take your time to see your crime It’s only inside your mind For you believed in nothing See that it’s all becoming Wait, can’t you see that my hands are tied You, always taking photos Give nothing but your focus to them You never noticed that it’s all inside
A Drunk 05:13
A Drunk All the world’s fighting but I’m not complaining It’s been that way since I moved into my shelter And people walk past me they hear my sweet songs of peace The blanket, the bottle for some inspiration My hat’s down for lovers, I sing for donations And you are so pretty, I wish I was younger in life Time lies Love was my only vice Here with my load I wait for you to come home Nowhere to go Here lies my home Oh I have seen people living like angels But she barely loved me like I was a fable The colours of you keep on passing me by So children you listen, I’ll sing you an old song An old man, a poet, a two string believer Although she has left me I’m sure she will return So I will be waiting keep praying and staying here Singing sweet songs for lovers of bottles, Some of my soul is taken as you walk by
What Have You Become? I’d watch what you have to say It’s the way that you play that makes me scared Go fly far away It’s the way that you display that makes me mad Why do you have to be The way that you were never meant to me White does not look good on you They should stay on your shoes That’s the bottom truth What have you become You make us frown What is that sound? It’s just you downing me How far have you flown Just to be a con Go fly far away Wouldn’t have that sway whether it’s night or day Now pray, prayers will be heard As long as you wear a tidy shirt Think, what is good for you What is not for you because it may come true
Chestnut 03:35
Chestnut You lay in a bed of nails when you saw me coming along You used to be the best of us but you got sick of singing our song You despise everything I am and everything I’m trying to be Dreams and causes of things are running you out of the room Your life was so much better when you were free without me But you will never walk out because I am the one with the needs Lay in your bed of nails that old chest nut does you well Soon you’ll beat me, time’s your enemy You say run But I’m not holding on Break your spell Leave it in the background And oh it’s true The better things are you You say the ways that I’ve manipulate all the situations And cry till the tears run dry, but I was never holding on, you’re the one complaining Rise up your self That old chest nut does you well And soon you’ll be free, but out of everything that’s selling, I’m the best that’s going
Soapbox 02:40
Soapbox You scream You shout Got the world down you got it figured out The people, they pass you by The absolutes and the stereotypes Alright All the world is nothing to you Don’t care For what we gotta say Bless you If it’s really what’s important to you Maybe You’re simply hiding what’s inside It’s black and white You scream and you fight They’re moving in the darkness just to catch you out You’ve got to rid them with your screams and your shouts Is it really the issue or is it just pointing to something in you You don’t care for a logical discussion So long as you force your point of view
Morning Tea 03:19
M o r n i n g Te a All these days sipping my tea with you Holding a light up to the world As the city sleeps under the dew of the deep Whisper and laugh to the light with you Long may the sun shine on you Let it begin, the day with you All these days slipping away with you Holding a wreath to what we’ve become Passing on Nothing is wrong
T h e S o n g T h a t K e e p s H e r U p You’re living, you’re playing You sort it out my friend And all the days you Did it anyway you’re playing games with my mind Up on that stage you Raise your glass and sing When the lights dim A used up lover and a part time friend Christ your past has take up my life And all your old ways have kept everyone alive So let me be here now All the things that have been done I could not take them back When I was so young When I broke your heart and smashed the town and l left Blood all over the ground And scars were placed by my my youth but they could not let me go When I was so young When I broke your heart and smashed the town and l left Blood all over the ground The guilt has taken You and everyone else down and I know that You laugh when I fall And stomp me on the ground Trying to move away But you keep me in that cage Remind me of what I was, remind me of what I say For you say that I’ll never head home Hasn’t there been enough time for you to heal your soul Like you said you knew, this day was going to come So they sing their songs You prayed, you impressed You regret having ever been caught So they sing their songs
Travel Song 03:18
Tr a v e l S o n g All the places we will go we’ll take them fast and sometimes slow for you And in the plane and on the lake and all the photos I will take of you And sometimes we will fall apart, and now and then I’ll have a laugh at you All the nights turn into days that travel bug is in our veins we’re screwed I hope it’s alright with you The money’s low but the feeling’s not I’m happy if this is my lot with you All our friends at the bar and all the people on our path are true Baby this is youth My life is fulfilled with you


released July 1, 2012


all rights reserved



The Bollands New Zealand

The Bollands are an indie-folk band from New Zealand. Constantly on the road, their mission is to enjoy all the good things in life through through music, stories and good friends.

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